Second chance: Channing Tatum doesn't mind getting back with Jenna Dewan

Second chance: Channing Tatum doesn't mind getting back with Jenna Dewan

24.05.2022 0 By admin

In early April, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan officially announced their separation. While the divorce is being processed, the couple lives separately and communicates only because of a common child – the daughter of Everly.

The true reasons that led to discord in the family are still unknown. The famous couple in their official statement also did not go into details. The couple said that they still love each other and will forever remain devoted parents to daughter Everly. The couple also said that the reason for the breakup does not lie in some unpleasant stories.

We decided to leave. We still love each other, but this love leads us in different ways. Our decision was not based on secrets and unpleasant events – just two friends realized that the time had come to help each other become happy. We are still a family and will remain devoted and loving parents to Everly.

As it turned out, Tatum does not want to go separate ways, but is trying to get his ex-wife back. The other day it became known that the actor regrets their breakup with Jenna. According to rumors, the actor feels “unhappy” without his beloved, and that he does not mind getting her back.

Channing did not wait long and had already confessed to his ex-wife about his desire to return, but the beauty took time to think. What Jenna decides is not known, but it is very interesting. After all, the Tatum-Dewan couple was one of the strongest in Hollywood.

The actors began dating in 2006, after they met on the set of the movie Step Up. The couple got married three years later, and in 2013 the couple had a daughter, Everly.

Do you think Jenna will give her ex a second chance?

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