Savannah Phillips pushed Prince George off the hill

Savannah Phillips pushed Prince George off the hill

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Kate Middleton and Prince George

This girl is a real “hurricane” in the royal family. At first she behaved ugly at the parade in honor of the Queen’s birthday, where she became famous all over the world , shutting up Prince George’s mouth, and now she has completely reached the assault!

Last weekend, Prince William took part in the Royal Charity Polo Tournament. At this event, he was accompanied by his spouses and older children – Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who made everyone laugh with somersaults on the grass . With them for the company was the reckless cousin Savannah Phillips. She bullied her brother in every possible way, and then completely pushed him down the hill when George decided to sit next to her.

The kid rolled down the hill, holding his drawing in his hands, but behaved like a real man. And he didn’t even cry. It looks like Kate Middleton didn’t notice the incident at first. However, later pictures show the Duchess comforting her son. But Savannah’s mother clearly scolds her daughter for misbehavior.

After talking with his mother, the prince smiled again and continued to play with his sister Charlotte and other children. And the Duchess of Cambridge once again demonstrated her maternal instinct !

Photo: Instagram