Russians believe in a miracle: match Russia – Croatia at the 2018 World Cup

Russians believe in a miracle: match Russia – Croatia at the 2018 World Cup

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July 7 is the date of perhaps the most important match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup between the national teams of Russia and Croatia. The result of the match will determine who will get into the semi-finals of the World Cup. All of Russia froze in anticipation!

Unfortunately, the Russian team failed to qualify for the semi-finals. In the main and extra time of the meeting, both teams exchanged goals and the score was 2:2, and in the penalty shootout, the Croats turned out to be stronger – 4:3.

Russian celebrities supported our team before the match and during it. Also, the stars did not forget to thank our football players for playing at the World Cup!

Attention: our selection will be updated!

The next day after the game, on July 8 at 16:00, a meeting with the Russian national football team took place in the fan zone on Sparrow Hills! Everyone could come and support our players after yesterday’s match.

Unforgettable experience😍 Dear fans, thank you for such a warm welcome, it was incredible!🇬🇧

Sergei Ignashevich

That’s all. It is very difficult to realize what it was… There is an endless stream of messages on WhatsApp and Instagram, and there is no way to say Thank you to everyone for the kind words. Thank you all! I could not even imagine that I would end my football career on such a high note! I am happy that I have been a part of this team, this coach, and our football country for almost 20 years! I hug you tightly. Sergei Ignashevich.

Stanislav Cherchesov

Rita Dakota

Our dad flew to Sochi to sing beautiful songs to the people’s stadium at the FIFA Fan Fest. And we will cheer at home with the best football fan in the world. For France, probably in honor of the recent, painfully cool Paris trip. Who are you for?)))


Well guys @teamrussia ! ⚽⚽⚽Thank you for such a game, for these crazy victories, for indescribable emotions, for the fact that we again believe in our 🇬🇺 football✊🏻 You turned the world football around! And now only forward and not a step back #ForwardRussia 💪🏻 I never thought that I would be so worried about every ball missed in our goal and yelling ‘Goooooll!’! From now on, the ranks of your fans have replenished with another ardent fan

Marina Alexandrova

The @teamrussia football team, which planted a love of football in the son’s heart, he knows all of you by first and last name, he plays with you in a dream and wakes up screaming a goal. You are heroes!!! You are cooler than Spiderman))) We are looking for sticker cards with the national team in all stores in the world. Thank you for having our own HEROES in our country!!! And this is for life! We believe in your success!!! We are proud!!!

Elena Podkaminskaya

It was an incredible match!
We were all with our souls where our guys @teamrussia fought at the limit of human strength 🙏❤They won anyway, because the whole country believed in them and fell in love with each of them 🏆Still ahead..!

Christine Asmus

This is summer!!! Emotions are still over the edge … An event for a lifetime!!! 💥 @teamrussia , family, thank you again and again for your selfless struggle!! ✊🏻⚽️🇷🇺 It was amazing!!!!!!

Natalya Vodyanova

I am grateful to our team for this match! The first goal was fabulous, and the second one just blew his head off and completely lost his voice. The Croatian brothers also played with dignity, luck smiled at them today a little wider than us. And although we lost in roulette on penalties, it still feels like our team has shown the whole world what we can do when we really want to.

Polina Kitsenko

I’m lying in a puddle of corvalol. Pain? Not at all. Happiness! Today the whole world has learned that Russia is not just a World Cup country. Russia is the country of key world football, and our team is one of the best in the world. What they showed is not even a battle, it’s a textbook game from a textbook. Stanislav Salamovich said that ours played, not fought, beautiful football with an exceptional team. The guys didn’t lose.

Anna Shulgina

I can’t leave yet!❤️🇬🇧
Until this summer, I could not even imagine how much our football is alive, and even so much competitive! I have no doubt that we could be in the 1/2, but the penalty lottery. We showed the whole world that we must be reckoned with here too! Thanks to the coach for such men! @teamrussia We have never had such football! Pride and tears of happiness!


Nadya Ruchka

The final is not in our favor. But what a game! Strongly!! A bit sad, but… Guys, we are proud of you🇬🇧!!! Great viewing pleasure!

Alla Pugacheva

Losing is sometimes winning. Thanks to our guys for the hope and faith in RUSSIAN FOOTBALL!!!

Julia Proskuryakova

Veronika and I send kisses and gratitude to our players for an interesting game! So what if you didn’t win today, well done anyway!

Mariya Kozhevnikova

It hurts, yes, it hurts, yes. When just a little bit is not enough to win, when a mistake is a defeat! Guys, our @teamrussia team, thank you 🙏🏻 You made me feel sick, worried, for the first time I consciously wanted to attend a football match and cheer for you! You fought, fought, it inspires respect and gratitude! No disappointments, today I felt self-giving even through the TV screen. The main thing is that you did not deceive us, the fans!!! You played better than you could!

Vladimir Kristovsky

I congratulate everyone on such a beautiful game of our team in this championship! Well done guys! Fight to the end! Bravo!

Maksim Galkin

Our dear football players, thank you for giving us those feelings that we have not experienced for a long time: the feeling of unity of the nation not in relation to the feat of our grandfathers, but in relation to the deeds of our contemporaries. Kudos to you for this. We are happy. Millions of your compatriots. You must know this. We were very worried, and this photo is evidence of this, but you are great fellows, I bow to you.

Pavel Volya

Guys, thanks for this Championship!

Yana Rudkovskaya

This is the best summer ever! This is the best championship in the world! This is the best team! These are the best emotions! You exceeded our expectations, and then once again exceeded our expectations. We will love you always! You have opened a new story in Russian football! You made us love football like we never loved and cheer like we never did! You are mega cool! Team Russia 2018. Just thank you! We are proud!

Lera Kudryavtseva

Guys! Expensive! Thank you for this game!!! It’s a shame to tears, but a penalty is a case 🙁 it happens. But we are proud of you! You finally showed that Russia also has football and losing in 1/4 is not a shame. Congratulations and thank you

Julia Baranovskaya and Inna Zhirkova

Thank you for these emotions, thank you for this game !!!!!!! You are great!!!!!! Worthy game of the national team of my country !!!!! Proud of you!!!!

Sergey Lazarev

Thanks guys! You are cool!! And football in our country is alive!! Thanks for the faith! Thanks for the emotions!! It was the best World Cup ever! You are great!!! Bravo!!

Yelena Isinbayeva

⚽️TEAM🇷🇺! THANK! You played and fought with dignity!

Garik Kharlamov

Julia Menshova

Olympiad Teterich with children

TEAM OF RUSSIA, GO! Our golden guys, we are with you! We need a win!!!

Olga Orlova with her son

Roman Kostomarov

Julia Kovalchuk

Nonna Grishaeva

Granddaughter of Alla Dukhovaya with friends

Lyubov Tolkalina

Julia Mikhalchik

Put on your best!!! 🇬🇧🇷🇺🇷🇺 1:1 👊🏻 nerves are on edge… Russia forward!!!!!!!

Star support:

Olesya Sudzilovskaya

Polina Gagarina

#the adoption of hope , as you can see, I have already put it on, and finally, Dzyuba’s gesture! I’m ready for anything 💯 to cheer for you! I won’t start the concert until you win😂 We believe and support the whole country! Go ahead guys ⚽️🇬🇧


It is not known when next time we will be able to watch our team in 1/4 of the World Cup, so today let’s support, drown, tear and believe the whole country as much as possible! Make a fairy tale come true! Forward, Russia 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

Sergei Svetlakov expressed his support with humor

Yelena Isinbayeva

Olga Kuzmina

Please go to the semi-finals!!!!!!

Maria Pogrebnyak with friends

Alexey Makarov


Daria Pynzar

Anna Khilkevich

Antonova Svetlana

Guys!!! We are rooting for you! My mustache has always helped!!!!!

Inna Zhirkova

Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka

Julia Baranovskaya

When the whole country has one desire for all

Sergey Zhukov

I want to convey all my love and huge rays of energy and kindness to my brother and friend – Igor Akinfeev and all the guys of our team! Do not win at any cost, do not jump above your head, do not conjure, do not perform unnecessary “feats”, just play football, because you are OUR team! Play furiously for your fans, for your country, for your loved ones, for your loved ones, for your family and children! We all deserve it! And our entire vast country today will pluck all its voices at the TV screens and at the stadium in Sochi!!!

Oksana Samoilova with her daughters

Daughter of the singer Slava Tonya

Mariya Kozhevnikova

The whole country dreams, believes and supports! Native walls help, and millions of fans give confidence, sports arrogance and pressure!

Laysan Utyasheva and Pavel Volya

Tina Kandelaki


I caught my ball, I hope Akinfeev will not let you down today. We cheer for ours. Go Russia!!!

Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko

Pavel Volya

All about tonight! We suffer from all the pain!

Ekaterina Strizhenova with her daughter Sasha

Yarushin Stanislav

We continue to support our players! Russia-Croatia!!! Juyuyuyubaaaaa !!!!!😂😂 GO! My bet is 2-1 Russia win in extra time!

Philip Kirkorov

Let’s support the Russian team together! Today we are all one team! Russia, come on! Hit it, hit it, hit it!

Garik Martirosyan

I really hope that the Russian team will win today!

Igor Vernik

Mustaches of hope! Guys, we are with you! We believe in you! What do you think our team needs to do today to win?!


There are only a few hours left before the Russia-Croatia match. Now everyone in our family plays football: both sons and even my mother.

Alexander Kerzhakov

There are only three steps left! The most difficult and difficult, but ONLY THREE!!! We believe in the team! Go Russia!!!

Garik Kharlamov

Sergey Lazarev with his son Nikita

That’s it, Mustache is in place … we are rehearsing the chants “Russia, Vpereeeed.” We believe in our victory today!! Guys, Russia is with you 🇬🇧!

Denis Klyaver

What are the predictions? It is clear that we are all with the hope of victory🤜
But I propose to write the score🤔🤝 I’m for 2:1 😝

Anton Komolov

Today is the quarterfinals. And a mustache of hope on each of us. Motivation – carrot and stick!

Maria Shukshina

Here, I feel that we will win…!Russia forward!!!🇬🇧


Natasha Koroleva

Well with God!!! Go Russia!!!

Russian national ice hockey team

Powerful support team. Team for team!

After the end of the games at the 2018 World Cup for our team, there were two sad news for the fans. First, Alexander Samedov announced his retirement from the national team.

Alexander Samedov announced his retirement from the Russian national team. Sasha @19samedov84 , thanks for everything!👏👏👏 Played 53 matches for the national team, scored 7 goals.

Then Sergei Ignashevich announced the end of his football career.

He played 127 matches for the Russian national team and scored 8 goals.

Guys, you are great!

The news will be updated.

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