Review: how to choose a high chair

Review: how to choose a high chair

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baby high chair

Children’s goods stores amaze with a variety of high chairs . The price range is also wide – from 1.5 to 70 thousand rubles (or even higher). We recommend focusing on the main criteria for choosing a high chair, namely: what is necessary for the comfort and safety of the baby.

Seat height and backrest adjustment

This option is indispensable for mothers of babies. With its help, the child can be fed in a reclining position – relevant for crumbs who have recently learned to sit.

Seat belts

Depending on the model, different highchairs are equipped with three- and five-point seat belts. Since babies are incredibly nimble, it is better to play it safe and choose one that will hold the baby stronger and tighter. There are chairs without seat belts. Most often, these are wooden transformers, which, as the child grows up, can be transferred to the “chair and table” format.

Chair height adjustment

baby high chair

Moms appreciate this option. And if at first, when the child is very small, the benefits are not obvious, you will appreciate it later: when the child begins to dine at the common table.

Removable table

After each feeding, the mother has an unscheduled cleaning: wash the child, change his clothes, wipe the floor under the chair and wash the table. If it is removable, it is very convenient: a jet of water will wash away the remnants of porridge, soup or mashed potatoes. High sides at the table are also good so that food and utensils do not fall from it.

Wheel lock

From the series – a trifle, but nice. The chair with wheels can be rearranged to a convenient place for you in the kitchen. And the fixator will allow the baby not to roll away while eating, because children sometimes actively protest against food and are looking for any way to refuse it.

Mothers opinion

baby high chair

My sister’s wooden transformer fell apart. The child did not even have time to just sit at the table

Julia (Armavir)

The most compact of what I have met is Ikea))) or Stokke, but here the price is already good

Valeria (Vidnoe)

We have Chicco Poly – it takes up space – Mom, don’t worry! What I really liked about Chicco Polly (in Happy Baby, by the way, the system is the same) is that the backrest reclines regardless of the seat! At least for newborns, this is a huge plus. A friend said that if she knew that these chairs are so comfortable, she wouldn’t buy a sun lounger for her daughter separately … And so – she laid out a chair in the kitchen, put a child there and calmly cook goodies for the family

Nyuska (Barnaul)

PS We have retained the author’s spelling and punctuation in citations. Comments about manufacturers are the personal opinion of mothers and do not pursue any promotional purposes.

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What is your baby’s high chair?

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