Properties of argan oil and how to use it for the face

Properties of argan oil and how to use it for the face

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In Morocco, an exotic evergreen argan tree grows, which bears fruit only once every 2 years. Argan oil is extracted from its seeds. It has a high cost, not only because of the rare flowering of the tree, but also because of its useful qualities. Argan oil is used for the face to preserve youth and get rid of many dermatological problems.

Useful properties of argan oil

Pure argan oil has a pleasant golden color and a delicate nutty-herbal scent. It is soft and airy in texture and does not leave the face feeling sticky or greasy. Therapeutic and cosmetic properties are provided by the composition of the product.

argan oil for face

Argan oil is used for facial rejuvenation

It contains the following substances:

  • Ttocopherol, or vitamin E – a component of antioxidant protection, is necessary for cellular respiration and repair processes, under its influence the production of collagen and elastin is activated, youth and skin elasticity are maintained;
  • Organic acids – have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action, reduce foci of inflammation, relieve redness and swelling, accelerate the healing of wounds at the site of acne, dry;
  • Polyphenols and plant pigments – improve the condition of the upper layer of the keratinizing epithelium, normalize the production of their own pigments, help even out the color, give a radiant appearance, and also participate in the prevention of cancer;
  • Fatty acids – protect the epidermis from adverse external influences, reflect excess ultraviolet radiation, prevent skin damage from solar radiation, protect against cold exposure, slow down the aging process;
  • Sterol – has a desensitizing effect, prevents the development of allergic reactions to external stimuli.

In cosmetology, these components are used in the preparation of products for the care of young and aging skin, as well as for special protection against adverse conditions.

Indications and contraindications for use

At home, you can apply oil without additional additives or in combination with other products. Its use is recommended in the following cases:

  • small rashes on the face, small inflamed pimples;
  • moisturizing for skin prone to dryness and irritation;
  • protection from adverse weather conditions;
  • for oily skin with daily care;
  • acceleration of regeneration after acne, chickenpox and other skin diseases;
  • rejuvenation in combination with other means;
  • reduction of scars and stretch marks.

in cosmetology

Argan oil components are used in cosmetology

Argan oil helps to slow down aging, moisturize the skin and stimulate its regeneration. This product is also beneficial for eyelashes and hair. Women who are dissatisfied with the thickness and length of the cilia are advised to apply the oil in its pure form before going to bed and lightly rub it from the roots. Masks and wraps are prepared for hair based on argan oil.

But you need to remember about contraindications to the use of a cosmetic product. Sometimes individual hypersensitivity to its components is possible, therefore, before using for the first time, a simple wrist test is performed.

Sometimes an allergy occurs not to the oil itself, but to additional substances in its composition. To avoid confusion, it is better to purchase the product without additives.

Do not apply oil to open wounds, skin with erosions and ulcers, its therapeutic effect is not enough to heal such injuries. It is dangerous to use with furunculosis, they should not be smeared with burns. Even after sun exposure, the use of oil will only worsen the condition.

Application rules

You need to buy oil in specialized stores, and for those who are lucky enough to visit Morocco, you can purchase a bottle from local manufacturers. But you need to make sure that the oil is obtained industrially, by cold pressing. On your own at home, you cannot get a quality product that will be free from harmful impurities.

Good oil has a golden color, transparent. But at the bottom of the vial, sediment is allowed. For maximum effect, they can replace the usual night cream. It is necessary to apply a cosmetic product only after a high-quality cleansing of the face.

It is better to store the oil on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, but before applying it should be warm. Therefore, it is taken out in advance and placed in a container with warm water.

For better absorption and a pronounced effect, facial massage is combined with oil application. It is carried out with gentle movements, strictly in the direction of the tension lines. This will prevent the dermis from stretching and forming wrinkles. After the procedure, you need to wait an hour. Excess oil will remain on the face, which must be soaked with a napkin.

Recipes for cosmetics with argan oil

By adding oil to various masks, you can improve their composition and effectiveness. The following remedies are good for skin problems:

  • argan oil, yolk;
  • natural yogurt, butter, honey, avocado pulp;
  • peach pulp, argan and rose oil.

Before using cosmetics for skin problems, you need to consult a doctor to avoid negative consequences. For the treatment of acne and acne, the following recipe is used:

  • argan oil;
  • blue clay;
  • almond oil.

All components are mixed to a state of gruel, smeared on the face. The neck is not treated with such a composition. Leave for 15-20 minutes and wash off with water.

A mask with egg white has a tightening effect. It tightens the face, reduces the severity of wrinkles, nourishes. You can use this tool every other day without fear of side effects. Also, this mask is suitable for dry dermis.

Argan oil is a universal drug with minimal contraindications. You can buy it yourself, but you should beware of fakes. This product is expensive, has no impurities in the composition. It cannot be stored under the rays of the sun, this will lead to the destruction of useful substances and deterioration of properties.


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