Princess Charlotte made everyone laugh with somersaults on the grass

Princess Charlotte made everyone laugh with somersaults on the grass

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte and Prince George at a picnic

Last weekend , Prince William took part in the Royal Charity Polo Tournament. At this event, he was accompanied by his wife and older children – Prince George and Princess Charlotte .

However, adult fun seemed boring to the children and they began to entertain themselves: they ran barefoot on the grass, played with toys and frolicked with their cousins, among whom were also “Internet star” Savannah Phillips and her younger sister Isla.

Charlotte showed that although she is a princess, she is not at all afraid to get dirty and behave directly, like any ordinary child. The girl was full of energy, somersaulting on the grass and running with her brother, Prince George, sometimes interrupted only to sit on her mother’s lap.

Three-year-old Charlotte even attempted a headstand during the games! And although this trick of the young princess was not very successful, she managed to make everyone present laugh.

Kate Middleton approvingly watched the cheerful amusements of the children and did not even try to calm them down. However, the mother of the kids – the Duchess of Cambridge – also did not remain indifferent to the fun of the children: together with George, she played with a rainbow spring and ran in a race with Charlotte.

But Prince Louis, who was born in April , missed this family outing, because he is still too small.

We look forward to the next outings of the royal family in full force!

Photo: Instagram