Princes William and Harry: They remember Diana's mother

Princes William and Harry: They remember Diana's mother

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The two heirs of Great Britain rarely talk about their mother, Princess Diana , but when this happens, admiration cannot be hidden. So much love and sadness in their words!

Prince William

Time certainly heals. But I still miss my mom every day – and this is 20 years later.

Sometimes Harry and I feel like we betrayed our mother by not being able to protect her.

I felt her presence on my wedding day. And it gave me confidence.

I always try to tell Charlotte and George that they have two grandmothers.

Every year on Mother’s Day, I felt empty inside. And I still feel it.

I would like to tell her a lot. I would like to introduce you to Katherine and the children. I am sad that she will never see her grandchildren.

Prince Harry

In fact, I never got over what happened. I still don’t want to think about it.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that she is never forgotten. And let’s continue all her amazing undertakings. I hope that my mother’s talents are visible in my work.

Every day I think about what she would say and what she would do if she was still here. What would the world be like if she hadn’t gone so early.

Mom showed me and my brother the world of ordinary people. For example, we visited the homeless with her. So I’m out of touch with reality. People might be surprised at what an ordinary life William and I live.

She had a wonderful sense of humor and always knew how to make us laugh.

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