Prince Harry switched to a diet for conception

Prince Harry switched to a diet for conception

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Fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are eagerly waiting for the news that the couple will soon have a baby. The fact that the spouses do not intend to shelve this issue is evidenced by the fact that on the eve of the wedding, while still in the status of the bride and groom, they visited a fertility doctor who compiled a nutrition and exercise program for Meghan Markle. This complex is designed to help you get pregnant faster. Prince Harry also received nutritional advice.

Recall that before the wedding, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II noticeably lost weight. Meghan Markle insisted on this – a fan of proper nutrition and sports. The diet for the prince was then developed by nutritionist Gabriela Peacock . Dairy products and carbohydrates disappeared from the prince’s diet. They were replaced by freshly squeezed juices and vegetables .

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Harry was actively involved in sports, becoming a frequent visitor to the KX Gym club fitness center. As a result of diet, quitting smoking and alcohol, as well as regular exercise, he lost five kilograms of excess weight.

After the wedding, the prince’s diet again changed. And if before his menu consisted of products for weight loss, now the Duke of Sussex eats something that has a positive effect on conception . Therefore, the current diet includes fish, spinach, almonds, eggs, avocados, yogurt and berries. Among the spices, turmeric is the leader. Together, these products have a positive effect on the quality of spermatozoa, increasing their vitality.

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Prince Harry received these recommendations from nutritionist Melanie Brown, who, according to media reports , visited Nottingham Cottage, where a young married couple lives. The nutritionist spent more than an hour there, checking on Meghan Markle’s health and talking to the Duke of Sussex about improving the chances of a successful conception.

Have you followed a special diet when planning a replenishment in the family?

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