Prince George is Britain's top fashionista

Prince George is Britain's top fashionista

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Prince George

The royal family is a role model for many, especially when it comes to clothing. Kate Middleton has long been recognized as a style icon, and Princess Charlotte followed in her footsteps, whose style seems to be copied by all British (and not only!) mothers.

Well, the eldest son of the Dukes of Cambridge completely “bypassed” all the women in his family and became the most fashionable guy in Great Britain!

He inspired the British fashion blog What prince George wore, dedicated exclusively to the style of the little prince, and also made the list of “50 most stylish men in the UK” according to GQ magazine back in 2015.

And although he took only 49th place, Benedict Cumberbatch, Idris Elba, David Beckham, Eddie Redmine and other eminent British dudes became the “neighbors” of the one and a half year old baby in this ranking.

Prince George left his first mark on the fashion world the very next day after his birth! While the guy slept, he did not even suspect that several million people watched how his parents carried him, wrapped in a blanket with birds from the brand Aden + Anais. On this day, users ordered this blanket in the online store more than 10,000 times, after which the site stopped working under the onslaught of orders. As soon as his work was restored, it turned out that the demand for this product increased by 2000%!

This hype was called the “George effect” , and it works to this day. Each appearance of the prince in the world brings huge profits to brands: whatever item mom Kate chooses for him, they all sell out instantly, and for some outfits there is a queue for several months in advance!

Stylish traditions

Princess Diana with her sons Princes William and Harry

Princess Diana and Prince Charles with their sons William and Harry

The royal family has its own fashion rules and traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. This is believed to maintain a sense of order and establish each generation’s place in the family hierarchy tree.

Prince Charles and Princess Anne, 1952

… 1954

It’s worth looking at the style of George’s dad, Prince William , and even his grandfather, Prince Charles, to understand that all royal children wear the same pieces of clothing: similar shirts, often with round collars, solid-colored button-down cardigans and embroidered jumpers, shorts, socks or stockings and boots with a buckle are also required.

Dad and son: on the left – Prince William as a child, on the right – Prince George

Moreover, many things in the royal family are inherited. This is not only a baptismal dress , but also other, more everyday wardrobe items.

Name vest of Prince George with the number “1”

Of all the official events, perhaps only one time can be remembered when the little prince was in trousers – at the wedding of his uncle, Prince Harry .

When it’s cool outside, little George wears a button-down cardigan or crew-neck jumper over his shirt with charming embroidery.

Polo is an alternative option for sports and recreation.

If you take a closer look at Prince George’s wardrobe, most of it matches the colors of the British flag.

Prince George style rules

Jumpsuits instead of dresses

As a baby, Prince George often wore cotton jumpsuits in the traditional colors of white, pink, light blue, and striped or plaid. Until the age of 3, boys in the royal family often wear overalls. It is believed that this is a “social remnant” from the time when aristocratic boys wore dresses up to 3 years, which were then replaced by shorts.

Shorts as an indicator of age

Many, looking at the photo of the prince, are probably wondering: why does he always wear shorts, even if it’s cool outside? It turns out that shorts are a “class indicator” in the British social hierarchy based on wealth and pedigree. Boys from aristocratic families wear shorts up to adolescence, and at the age of 10-12 they change into long trousers, which means the transition to a new stage of growing up. That is why George always wears shorts when he appears at events with his parents.

When it’s cold outside, short socks are replaced by high socks, and cardigans are replaced by coats, but shorts remain an unchanged part of his image! And no exotic colors: dark blue, black, burgundy, khaki or brown shades.

Shirts – the basis of the wardrobe

The choice of shirts for boys in the royal family also depends on age. Up to three years, these are, as a rule, plain cotton shirts with short sleeves and a round collar. After three – classic shirts with long or short sleeves, plain or with classic checkered or striped prints, usually in red or navy blue.

Shoes and an indispensable accessory – socks

Adorable soft leather shoes with a retro buckle, a shoe that is often worn not only by George, but also by his little sister Charlotte.

However, as he grows older, the prince’s shoes, like clothes, change towards more classic shoes. However, one thing remains unchanged – socks. In warm weather they are short, in cold weather they are long (knee socks), and on holidays they are boiling white.

Bad weather cardigans and jumpers

Little George, apparently, will have to freeze in shorts for a long time, escaping in cold weather only with a warm “top” – knitted woolen sweaters or cardigans. They, like all the rest of the clothes in the prince’s wardrobe, are made in conservative colors: navy blue, light blue or “royal red”. Worn over shirts, these warm garments are embellished with buttons or cute knitted patterns along the neckline.

When it’s cold outside, the prince wears classic coats, and in everyday life and at school, charming quilted jackets.

Do you think younger brother Louis will be able to “reclaim” the title of Britain’s most stylish little prince when he grows up?

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