Pregnant or not: Beyoncé confused fans

Pregnant or not: Beyoncé confused fans

24.05.2022 0 By admin

36-year-old American R’n’B singer Beyoncé gave birth to twins a year ago – a son and a daughter. But the celebrity is again suspected of being pregnant.

The singer is not a fan of publicizing her personal life, so she does not comment on rumors. But she also doesn’t pretend that she doesn’t care about these gossips. For example, at a recent performance in Melbourne, the singer stroked her tummy on stage.

The most devoted fans remembered that this is exactly what the star did in 2011 while pregnant with her first daughter, Blue Ivy . Many took this as a sign that Beyoncé and Jay Z would soon become parents.

Also recently, the singer chooses free-cut dresses. The other day, the famous mom appeared in Cannes in a long sundress, which completely confused everyone.

Do you think Beyonce is in an interesting position again or not?

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Photo and video: Instagram