Pregnant Anastasia Kostenko shared the menu so as not to gain weight

Pregnant Anastasia Kostenko shared the menu so as not to gain weight

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Beauty Anastasia Kostenko , second vice-miss Russia 2014 and participant in the international Miss World contest of the same year, shared her new photo while expecting a baby.

In addition, the girl published her diet, based on the recommendations of the doctor leading her pregnancy.

The diet of the model consists of 6 meals, and the menu is based on the basic principles of PP (proper nutrition). The girl does not eat fried and fatty foods, does not skip breakfast, and excluded foods that cause increased gas formation. Here is the menu shared by Anastasia:

It is important that breakfasts are daily. For example: two-egg omelette + whole grain bread and tomato – 1-2 pcs; oatmeal porridge (buckwheat, rice, barley) with milk, a sandwich with whole grain bread and cheese, pear – 1 pc.; cottage cheese casserole with your favorite fruit or cheesecakes with berry sauce.

“Lunch can be fish (sea bream, sea bass, cod, pike perch) with lime and rice with vegetables; pumpkin soup with pieces of chicken or turkey; borscht, ear”

For dinner, you can grill salmon with vegetables; boiled shrimp with wild rice; squid with vegetables.

“What can you eat for a snack? Sticks of carrots, sweet peppers, cucumber and celery, asparagus with yogurt sauce, vegetable and leafy greens salads, various fruits or berries, kefir, milk, natural yogurt, cottage cheese and cottage cheese dishes (cottage cheese casserole with strawberries and pears, mousse from cottage cheese and baked vegetables).

But the best thing, according to Anastasia, is to turn to specialists who can choose a diet taking into account individual characteristics.

Thanks to this nutrition, the model is in great shape, despite the late pregnancy.

However, subscribers were very concerned about this information, since just three weeks ago the girl’s weight was 1.5 kg more.

Fans could not resist commenting with advice on what and when pregnant women should eat. Ironically, just a few days ago, Anastasia published a post that perfectly describes this situation.

Caution, there are people everywhere who know better how you live,” the girl wrote in her microblog.

And as if looking into the water: the comments under this post are full of venomous remarks and teachings.

And we wish the future mother an easy birth and a pleasant meeting with her daughter!

Photo: Instagram