Pregnancy calendar in photos: ideas for expectant mothers

Pregnancy calendar in photos: ideas for expectant mothers

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Pregnancy calendar in pictures week by week

During pregnancy, you can not only take a professional photo session, but also take pictures of yourself as often as possible, for example, tracking the period in weeks and the growth of the baby. Here are some original ways to do it!

1. Create collages of your own pictures of different weeks of pregnancy, it is best to choose the same angle and, if possible, the same clothes. After pregnancy, you will be happy to review these pictures!

The weekly chronicle is a great way to watch your baby grow in your tummy and your own body change!

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Week after week, and every day brings you closer to meeting your baby!

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2. Do you want to take unforgettable family pictures ? Involve the future dad in this, add a little imagination and humor! The result will delight both of you, and subsequently the grown-up baby.

Is it easy to be pregnant? Take a look yourself!

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When you can’t do without the help of your husband…

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3. With your beloved friend, you can not only share experiences and advice, but also walk the path together from the beginning to childbirth.

Joint expectation makes friendship even stronger!

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4. To create creative pregnancy photos, come up with a theme, for example, related to your own hobby, and use the items at hand.

Forward and with a song!

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5. Do you want to take unusual photos, capturing the duration of pregnancy in weeks? Use your own imagination and creativity!

Use ready-made cards or stickers with numbers or make your own…

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Make an unusual sign by taking a chalkboard or a magnetic board, from which you will take a photo, indicating on it the period in weeks and any interesting information about your pregnancy

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Write the term in weeks on your own tummy or depict the expectation in any other unusual way!

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6. Use mobile applications that help track not only the period in weeks, but also the size of the baby! With them, you can easily create unusual photos, just add the desired information and beautiful stickers to them.

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Get ready to meet your baby. When he grows up, together you will look at photographs of the period when you were looking forward to your baby with great pleasure!

Tell me, did you keep a photo chronicle of your pregnancy?

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