Pictures from nature: how moms pack their bags before the holidays

Pictures from nature: how moms pack their bags before the holidays

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Packing a suitcase is a particularly difficult task when children “help” with it. Before you have time to put something in your travel bag, something is dragged away in an unknown direction. I just remembered what exactly I didn’t have time to pack, as the child distracted me with a question, and everything flew out of my head.

So how do moms pack their bags? Let’s get a look!

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1. They take out a suitcase from the far corner of the pantry or the top shelf of the closet, where it lies from the last vacation. At the same time, they try not to fall, because a child spins around as usual, who squeals: “Mom, let me help you! Here, I already have a suitcase!”

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2. They accidentally find things forgotten from last year’s vacation in a suitcase. It looks something like this: “Ah, these are children’s tights. And I turned the whole house upside down – and I couldn’t find it! ”

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3. They carry a suitcase to their bedroom so that the children do not throw a heap of toys that are very necessary on vacation into it.

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4. Make a list of things to remember. Every day there are more and more items in it, and then mom starts to cross out unnecessary ones (although … why unnecessary? It was recorded as necessary!). And this happens until the moment when the suitcase is closed before leaving the house. But … Then they open it again – and suddenly they forgot to put beautiful children’s bathing panties. The ones with the red flowers.

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5. Ask children to bring toys that they plan to take with them on vacation, and immediately regret it. Indeed, next to the suitcase in the blink of an eye, so many things are formed that you can not go to the sea, but devote your vacation time to opening a toy store.

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6. Persuade the children to leave the suitcase alone. And don’t play hide and seek! And children are not packed in suitcases!

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7. While they are dealing with the children, there is a “changing of the guard” and pets appear. And they are also big fans of getting settled in a suitcase.

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8. Once again, they insistently ask the children to choose only the most necessary – and gradually boil over when they cannot decide which car to choose from two identical ones.

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9. Lay out their things on the bed, sofa, floor, table and begin to try on. Then they sigh: “I won’t fit in here yet.”

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10. They ask children not to pull out already folded clothes from the suitcase. But after all, they must definitely try on everything that mom chose.

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11. They are offended by a husband who comes home from work, sees a pile of things and wonders why the suitcase has not yet been packed. Well, dear, let’s collect together!

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12. Return to point number 4. Now with my husband…

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