Picnic with kids: ideas and tips

Picnic with kids: ideas and tips

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A weekend in nature with children is a difficult test for parents. But if you take everything into account, then a great mood for the whole family is guaranteed. We take our advice into service, check the list of things according to our checklists and – go ahead! – towards the sun, freedom and adventure!

Where to go for a picnic?

To the nearest park or forest. Fortunately, now city halls are taking care of recreation areas for citizens. If there are none in your area, organize a picnic outside the city.

What to take with you?



Vegetables and fruits that must first be washed and dried. So that the “vitamin supply” does not lose its appearance along the way, put everything in plastic containers. If you have perishable food on your picnic menu, you will need a cooler bag. In it, drinks will not lose their pleasant coolness, and the barbecue will not go bad.

In nature, children drink a lot of water, so take care of the stock in advance. It is not recommended to take sweet juices or compotes with you on a picnic: give preference to cool water. You can add lemon slices to it.

If your menu includes barbecue, cook it from chicken breast or turkey: poultry meat is tender and easy to digest. Are you preparing ahead of time? Wrap the meat in foil or place in a container and then in a cooler bag.

In the open air, children always have a wonderful appetite, so stock up on fruits for a snack: apples, pears, grapes. Toddlers will also be happy with vegetables, such as carrot slices.

Picnic equipment


You will need a cover. Ideally, folding furniture – a small table and chairs.

From the utensils, a cutting board and a knife will come in handy.

Don’t forget the salt!

Take care of disposable tableware and paper towels. Put in a bag and antiseptic wipes.

Don’t forget your trash bags. Teach children to respect nature, teach them not to leave garbage after outdoor recreation!

If you cook barbecue in nature, take a hatchet for chopping firewood, barbecue and matches. Or coal with lighter fluid. Grab a bottle of water specifically for frying the barbecue – in order to extinguish the escaping flame in a timely manner.

first aid kit

The first aid kit should contain: hydrogen peroxide, iodine, bandages, cotton pads, insect bites and water – wash the wound before treatment.

For leisure

picnic, outdoor games

What does your family like to play? Make no mistake if you take a ball, badminton rackets, an interesting book to read aloud with you on a picnic.

Picnic clothes

Be sure to wear hats. The sun is insidious, so prevent the risk of sunstroke.

Spring and summer weather is unpredictable. Heat can be replaced by a cool wind. Therefore, let there be windbreakers in your bag.

A picnic is always fun, but, to be honest, exhausting. Especially for children. And if your kids started acting up, then the outdoor recreation has come to an end and it’s time to get ready to go home.

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How are your picnics going?