Philip Kirkorov celebrated his son's birthday

Philip Kirkorov celebrated his son's birthday

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Philip Kirkorov with children

Martin-Kristin Kirkorov was born on June 29, 2012, and this year the boy is already 6 years old. Star dad in honor of this event arranged a holiday in Israel, where he rests with his children.

In addition to the boy’s sister, Alla-Victoria, the birthday party was attended by grandparents and close friends of the family (swipe through the photo!).

In the photo shared by Philip Kirkorov on his microblog, the boy is beaming with a smile next to his sister.

The birthday boy was presented with many new interesting toys. There was also a Jurassic themed birthday cake decorated with dinosaur figurines.

For Philip Kirkorov, as a caring dad, it is important to share the interests of his children, so when decorating the holiday, he took into account his son’s hobbies.

Do you like themed children’s parties or do you prefer classic paraphernalia?

Photo: Instagram