Pets in anticipation of the baby: 10 touching photos

Pets in anticipation of the baby: 10 touching photos

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Pets sometimes behave like children! They want affection and attention and seek them in all possible ways. And when many couples decide to have a baby, they are sometimes afraid that their cat or dog will feel lonely. However, experience shows that four-legged friends, on the contrary, are very happy about the upcoming replenishment in the family, and also help expectant mothers and take care of them as best they can.

In the arms of a pet, or when the cat nevertheless took your pregnancy seriously

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One baby is waiting for another. The two will probably become good friends!

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Cats are often very sensitive to changes in the mood and health of their owners. And pregnancy for them is a very special state!

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Dogs often make excellent nannies. These loyal animals love children and get along great with them!


“This is how she sleeps on my pregnant wife’s stomach every night.”

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Different poses, but the most favorite place!

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Incredibly warm hugs…

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A dolphin kissing the belly of a pregnant girl is an incredibly touching sight!

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While one mom-to-be practices swaddling a very confused and confused puppy…

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…the other is testing the child seat with might and main!

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How did your pets behave during your pregnancy?