Pavel Bure will become a father for the third time

Pavel Bure will become a father for the third time

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Alina Bure is a rare guest on social networks. The wife of a famous athlete does not actively maintain her personal microblog, so each of her new publications arouses the interest of subscribers. For example, in the photos published during the summer, it is noticeable that the previously slender figure of the wife of the hockey player is characteristically rounded.

“Are you expecting a baby? Wow!!! Congratulations, ” one of Alina’s subscribers commented on the photo. The hockey player’s wife left this question unanswered.

The opinion that replenishment is expected in the Bure family was also confirmed by a new photo, which Alina’s mother, Rasil Khasanova , published in her personal microblog. The picture shows an incredibly young grandmother with her daughter and grandchildren: Pavel and Palina .

Recall that the firstborn of Pavel and Alina Bure was born in April 2013. The boy was named after his father, Pavel. In July 2015, the family replenished again – a girl was born. The athlete and his wife named their daughter Palina. This unusual name is derived from their names (Pavel + ALINA).

Soon there will be a third baby in the family. Judging by the figure of Alina Bure, a significant event will take place in the fall. And although the couple did not make an official statement about the pregnancy, we congratulate the spouses on the expectation of a child!

But the singer Tatyana Tereshina has already declassified her pregnancy and told how her four-year-old daughter reacted to the news of the imminent appearance of a second baby in the family .

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Announcement photo: Instagram @pavelbureofficial