Overalls dust collector

Overalls dust collector

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Now moms can get clothes for their babies with a built-in cleaning device!

In fact, long-haired microfiber cloths are sewn to the sleeves and pants of a regular knitted slip. Removable mop heads are made from exactly this material, with which housewives wash the floor.

The designer, and this wonderful costume has an author – Kenji Kawakama, assures that his invention does not use excessive child labor, but, on the contrary, from infancy teaches the baby to help his mother, perform feasible household chores and be responsible for the well-being of the family.

The functionality of the jumpsuit is very simple: it is worth putting it on a child who can crawl and letting it go to the floor. Microfiber cloths sewn just on the elbows and knees, with the help of which most sliders move, will literally do the dirty work.

Whether it’s a joke or not, the portal does not explain, but clothes are produced in three sizes for babies from three months to a year. The manufacturer also reassures buyers by stating that the material intended for cleaning is suitable for all types of flooring. There is such a “miracle” from 30 dollars.

The novelty is being actively discussed on the Internet, most parents are outraged by this attitude towards children, believing that only an irresponsible mother will let a child crawl in the dust with which he will stain all his clothes, and besides, he will breathe it.

But there are also those who laughed heartily at the strange invention, considering it a good reason to give a cheerful gift to a young mother. In one of the comments, the author admits that he has already acquired such a comic present. No one took the idea of cleaning seriously, but everyone laughed heartily – both donors and recipients.