On a walk: Dmitry Tarasov with a newborn daughter

On a walk: Dmitry Tarasov with a newborn daughter

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Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko walking with their daughter

“I am walking with my beloved girls,” Dmitry Tarasov commented succinctly on a photo from a walk with his wife and daughter. In the picture, subscribers examined in detail the cradle stroller that young parents chose for their baby. Recall that Anastasia Kostenko gave birth to a child on July 10. The name of the crumbs is still kept secret.

A stylish white stroller with multi-chrome wheels is a good choice for summer walks. In such transport, the baby will not be hot.

The company of young parents on a walk was their favorite – a Labrador named Tara . She appeared in the family as a puppy, and Anastasia’s fans repeatedly asked the girl if she was worried about being allergic to dog hair during pregnancy. Fortunately, Tara’s neighborhood did not affect the health of the expectant mother and, as we see, the pet gets along well with the newborn. However, Labradors have long earned the fame of a family dog.

Anastasia Kostenko (Tarasova) © Instagram @kostenko.94

Judging by the photo, after the birth of a child, young parents moved from a metropolitan apartment to a country house – it’s more pleasant to walk there, and the rhythm of the metropolis does not interfere.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko with their daughter © Instagram @tarasov23

Recall that for Dmitry Tarasov, a newborn daughter is the second child. In the first marriage, the athlete also had a girl. And Anastasia Kostenko became a mother for the first time and, as she recently admitted, she has already mastered the role of a mother:

“They scared me with sleepless nights, postpartum depression and the fact that I wouldn’t be able to do anything. What is the bottom line? Everything is just great!”

Anastasia Kostenko (Tarasova) with her daughter © Instagram @kostenko.94

And earlier, Kostenko shared in her microblog unique shots taken at the Lapino Clinical Hospital during her birth. The result was a mini-movie filled with touching moments: how future dad Dmitry Tarasov supports and encourages his beloved, talks with an unborn baby.

What stroller have you chosen for your baby?

Photo for the announcement: © Instagram @tarasov23