On a pink lake: TV presenter Lipa with children in Crimea

On a pink lake: TV presenter Lipa with children in Crimea

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The host of the music program Lipa Teterich is now resting with her children in the Crimea. As the TV presenter admits:

Crimea does not let go. This year they were going to Greece. But here again in the Crimea and it’s wonderful. Discover new beauties. Finally we got to one magical place

Lipa captured the imagination of her fans with photos of the pink lake. In a similar place, the wife of the football player Ekaterina Malafeeva with children has already rested , but in Spain. And the TV presenter found this unique creation of nature in Russia. What pleases, because to see it, you do not need a visa at all.

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In her travel notes, Lipa spoke in detail about Lake Sasyk-Sivashlocated between the cities of Evpatoria and Saki:

From Turkic “stinking mud”. Although the name is telling, but today the lake did not smell at all. The richest complex of minerals. Under the layer of salt is the very famous therapeutic Saki mud.

The TV presenter warned tourists about what is important to know before visiting the pink lake:

In the heat, the sun sticks to the salt vapors at the moment. It would be better to smear yourself with protection;). If there is a wound, a scratch, even if not in water, it burns and stings, since the air is also salty. Barefoot – very sharp crystals, probably slippers for corals or shales – that’s it.

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Recall that the host of the musical hit parade brings up a ten-year-old son Lavr and a two-year-old daughter, whose name is still hidden. It is known that the girl was born in an amazing atmosphere – to the music of P.I. Tchaikovsky.

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