Olga Kabo with children in Yalta

Olga Kabo with children in Yalta

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Olga Kabo with her son

Actress Olga Kabo is resting in Crimea with her daughter Tatyana Vasilishna (19) and son Viktor Razgulyaev (5). The star mother daily shares photos with fans against the backdrop of seascapes, mountains and, of course, shots in the company of her beloved children.

Despite the fact that Olga has been in Yalta for only a few days, the family has already managed to visit the small village of Gurzuf, where they visited Chekhov’s house and, as the actress writes, enjoyed the beauties of the bay where “Three Sisters” were written, walked around the garden, carefully created great writer, and got the opportunity to sit in the memorial museum at a table that once belonged to Anton Pavlovich himself.

What can I tell you! That I’m inspired, inspired? No, I’m just happy,” commented Olga.

Olga and the children also took a boat trip on a boat. Especially this type of travel was to the taste of Vita, who, like his mother, loves water, engine noise, wind in the face and dolphins, which, according to the famous mother, swim right up to the sides.

In addition, a pleasant meeting awaited Olga in Yalta: Evelina Bledans is also resting in the Crimea with her son Semyon , who has long been friends with Vitya.

Recall that with businessman Eduard Vasilishny , the father of Tatyana, who is preparing to become a ballerina, Olga Kabo broke up after 7 years of relationship, after which only 5 years later she married Nikolai Razgulyaev , and then their son Vitya was born.

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