Olga Kabo sheltered an abandoned boy

Olga Kabo sheltered an abandoned boy

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Actress Olga Kabo can add one more to her track record with numerous roles – a mother of many children. The actress is raising her six-year-old son Victor and… four dachshunds. Although yesterday there were only three pets.

About how the addition happened in the family, Cabo told in her microblog on Instagram:

Yesterday, Kolya (the husband of the actress – Ed.) brought home an abandoned dog named Tyoma, whose owners fled in an unknown direction, leaving the dog to its fate (… But, the world is not without good people, the baby was lucky that he ended up in our house… After the performance, I opened the door and gasped, I thought, I imagined – instead of three dogs – FOUR!!! combed, did a “spa manicure and pedicure”, in the morning bought everything you need for this dowry.

© Instagram @kabo_olga

The actress admits: “I never expected to become such an avid dog person.” But nevertheless, she does it very well.

And as proof – a video in which Olga Kabo and her son walk all the pets at once: “You asked how you can handle four dogs? It turned out not so difficult! I tell you: 4 dachshunds can only be walked together, two for each! Shared pets with Vityunya, and – go ahead !!! We laughed heartily, the main thing was not to lose anyone) And we won.”

Do you have pets?

Photo: Instagram @kabo_olga