Olga Buzova accidentally betrayed her desire to become a mother

Olga Buzova accidentally betrayed her desire to become a mother

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Olga Buzova does not hide her life from Internet users. When the TV presenter published a photo with her friends taken during the Russia-Croatia football match, subscribers noticed that the TV presenter put her hand on the belly of her pregnant friend. It was Yulia Samedova , the wife of the leading player of the Russian national team, who is now expecting her third baby.

But there is a sign: if you hold on to the belly of the expectant mother , you will accelerate the onset of your pregnancy. Perhaps Olga Buzova decided to change her life and add a new social status to it – “mother”?

The fact that the TV presenter is actively trying to arrange her personal life is also indicated by the new project “Marry Buzova”. In it, the participants will fight for the girl’s heart. Perhaps, intuitively, Olga is already preparing for the fact that her current life, filled with filming, touring and recording new tracks, will soon become different?!

Recently, in the captions to the photo on Instagram, the singer does not tire of hinting that a very romantic period has come in her life …

It is unlikely that I will say this to your eyes … so I will leave it here I miss you

I won’t stop waiting… I won’t stop believing… because LOVE drives me.

When do you think Olga Buzova decides to have a baby?

Photo: Instagram