Oleg Gazmanov's wife wants children not to grow up

Oleg Gazmanov's wife wants children not to grow up

24.05.2022 0 By admin

They say that other people’s children grow up fast! But theirs are growing even faster. The other day, the wife of Oleg Gazmanov , Marina Muravyova , shared with subscribers photos of her son Phillip (20) and daughter Marianna (14.5), signing the picture:

Please click on the Stop button ✋) Stop time, slow down… but not so fast!

Marina also added photos of children at an earlier age (scroll through the gallery).

It should be noted that the son and daughter of the Gazmanovs are growing not only rapidly, but also attractively!

The young man has the right features, he is also passionate about sports and boasts an athletic physique. By the way, Phillip is not Gazmanov’s own son. The artist adopted the boy when he married his mother Marina Muravyova. At the same time, many note that Oleg and Philip are outwardly similar.

Marianne does not lag behind her brother and will definitely break many men’s hearts. A girl at less than 15 years old looks very attractive.

Marina Muravyova-Gazmanova often plays nostalgia for her children at an early age on her blog.

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Photo: Instagram