Oleg and Marina Gazmanov celebrated a crystal wedding

Oleg and Marina Gazmanov celebrated a crystal wedding

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Oleg Gazmanov and Marina Muravyova

On July 15, 15 years ago, singer Oleg Gazmanov and Marina Muravyova officially became husband and wife. In her microblog, Marina congratulated her famous husband on her anniversary in the morning and said that she would very much like all people to love each other as they are, not trying to hide behind invented ideals. She also dedicated a poem to her husband.

You know,
I want every word
this morning poem
suddenly reached out to your hands,
a bored lilac branch.
You know,
I want every line
suddenly bursting out of size
and the whole line
tearing to shreds
managed to respond in your heart.
You know,
I want every letter
I would look at you lovingly.
And be filled with sun
as if
a drop of dew on the palm of a maple.
You know,
I want the February blizzard
humbly at your feet sprawled.
And want,
for us to love each other
so many,
how long do we have to live.

Oleg and Marina are one of the strongest couples in Russian show business . Although the history of their relationship was not at all as ideal as it might seem at first glance.

The couple met 30 years ago, went through marriages with others, but still ended up together.

Oleg first met his future wife in 1988 in Voronezh, where he gave a concert. He saw a gorgeous blonde from the car window and invited her to a concert. The singer at that time was married and raised his son Rodion . Marina soon married Vyacheslav Mavrodi , brother of the founder of the MMM pyramid, from whom she gave birth to a son Philip . Both of these marriages ended unsuccessfully, but the story of Oleg and Marina had a happy ending. After the first marriages, they met again and never parted again, and in 2003 the Gazmanovs had a daughter, Marianna .

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