Novak Djokovic's son touchingly congratulated his dad on winning Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic's son touchingly congratulated his dad on winning Wimbledon

24.05.2022 0 By admin

July 15 Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic won the men’s final of the Wimbledon tournament. This is the athlete’s fourth victory in the tournament and the 13th Grand Slam title. By the way, Djokovic has not won a title since 2016. He had great difficulties in terms of physical fitness. After surgery on his elbow, he generally fell out of the top twenty of the world rankings.

A day earlier, Serena Williams , who also entered the court after health difficulties, participated in the Wimbledon final. However, unlike Serena, Novak was more fortunate – he took the cup home.

To support the athlete, his wife came to the game Elena Ristic , but the son of Stefan was allowed only for a part after the end of the match, when the award ceremony took place. The fact is that at the Wimbledon tournament, children under 5 years old are not allowed on the show courts.

Novak Djokovic then commented:

This is amazing, because for the first time in my life I hear people shouting to me from the stands: “Dad! Dad!”

But the kid wanted to personally congratulate his father. During the press conference after the match, Stefan broke through the media to hug and congratulate the winning dad. This is a very touching video.

Despite his age, the boy is very passionate about tennis. He regularly attends his father’s training and, if possible, all matches.

And sometimes the kid is spying on dad’s workout.

Dad and son regularly train. Perhaps Stefan will also become a professional tennis player.

Recall that Djokovic is married to Jelena Ristic , with whom they have been together for 12 years. This year the couple celebrated 4 years of marriage.

The couple are raising two children, son Stefano (3 years old) and daughter Tara (1 year old in September).

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Photo and video: instagram/wimbledon (Joel Marklund), instagram/jelenadjokovicndf, instagram/djokernole