Not all Fridays the thirteenth. Quadruples in Novosibirsk

Not all Fridays the thirteenth. Quadruples in Novosibirsk

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Traditionally, everyone does not like “Friday the thirteenth.” And this date brought immeasurable joy and happiness to one Novosibirsk family.

On April 13, 32-year-old Marina Steklova told readers on social networks that for the first time and at once she became the mother of four babies who were born in the maternity hospital No. 4 in the city of Novosibirsk. Three girls and one boy, as well as their mother, according to the doctors, were healthy and felt good. But since the case is still not an ordinary one, the newborns were under the intensive supervision of specialists. They were later transferred to a regular ward. By the way, the conception happened in a completely traditional way, the spouses did not resort to the help of medicine.

– My husband and I became happy parents of wonderful quadruplets, I want to share this news with the whole world , – Marina wrote in a post, which, one might say, overfulfilled her maternal duty.

She also shared with her friends the feeling that children have already changed their world.

As it became known, the boy was born the second and became the largest, weighed 2.4 kg, which, however, is quite expected. The smallest girl was born with a height of 45 centimeters and a weight of just over 1.8 kg.

It’s interesting, but that there will be four babies, the parents found out shortly before the birth. The doctor interpreted the previous ultrasound differently, he saw only twins. Later it became known what names mom and dad came up with for their daughters and son: Katyusha, Ivan, Alena and Polina are now growing up in the Steklov family.

“Everyone has a different character, temperament, too, ” my mother notes.

In the hospital where they were born, this is only the second case. The previous four kids were admitted here 24 years ago.

Now the family lives in a one-room apartment purchased with a mortgage. But perhaps the regional authorities will help them solve this problem. In any case, Acting Governor Andrei Travnikov instructed to find out what difficulties the newly-made large family has. He also promised to provide any support.

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