New hobby of the son of Vladimir Presnyakov

New hobby of the son of Vladimir Presnyakov

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov with their son Artemy continue to rest in the Spanish resort town of Denia. Famous parents regularly share vacation days with subscribers.

The singer recently told fans that her 3-year-old son has fallen in love with wearing a snorkeling mask. It is not known whether Artemy only walks in it or uses it for its intended purpose, but he categorically refuses to take it off even during lunch. Looks like the kid has a new hobby!

This is how we live… sometimes I convince you to take it off 🙈

Artemy takes everything from childhood and holidays in Spain to the maximum: he dances, rides a yacht, walks with girls, dives in the pool and even arranges dinner parties with friends.

Dinner with serious people. Adults are not allowed 🙈 that’s nice😂

After dinner, Artemy is not averse to dancing with friends.

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Photo and video: Instagram