Must-Have: Detachable Seat for Young Travelers

Must-Have: Detachable Seat for Young Travelers

24.05.2022 0 By admin

removable child seat

Children get tired of waiting for passport control, their flight or train departure, the queue for registration. And if there is no free space nearby, the baby begins to act up – he wants to relax. There is a solution!

Removable seat for a suitcase, able to withstand children’s weight up to 25 kg. The seat is also suitable for babies from the age of 8 months: a great accessory for travelers with children .

removable child seat You can attach it to any suitcase with the help of special straps. The safety of children is guaranteed by wide restraint straps and a belt between the legs, which prevents the crumbs from falling out.

This seat was invented by a flight attendant 10 years ago and demonstrated on the TV show Shark Tank, in February of this year it was modernized and returned to sale. The cost of such a seat is about $50 (3,115 rubles), it is sold in online stores.

So let’s pack our bags and go on vacation!

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Photo: Popsugar, brand press service