Mouse King: Unusual Recipes for Kids

Mouse King: Unusual Recipes for Kids

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mouse sandwiches

Cooking food for a child is a creative and interesting process! Sometimes even mothers themselves like to create original and creative dishes from ordinary products. And if the baby is not eating well, this is a great way to feed the little one .

Explore the ideas of children’s dishes from simple products in the form of adorable mice and get inspired: no kid will definitely refuse such a meal!


mouse sandwiches Many kids love sandwiches! From bread, cheese, meat, vegetables and herbs, you can make many delicious variations. Even mice can be made very different using familiar products and a little imagination! But the most simple and charming mice are obtained from ordinary chicken eggs, cut in half.

mouse sandwiches

Salads in the form of mice

mouse-shaped salad Many salads can be served in the form of a mouse. For example, the usual “Olivier” or a snack of soft cheese or cottage cheese will be perceived by the baby in a completely different way, if not just put it on a plate, but make a funny little mouse.

Potato mice

potato mice Boiled or baked potatoes also make excellent mice. The main thing is to add naturalness to them with the help of vegetables and herbs! You can also involve a child in this creative activity, who will be happy to help you and participate in the preparation of such unusual food.

vegetable mice

vegetable mouse Many children do not like fresh vegetables, but if you use your imagination, then ordinary peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes can be turned into a very funny mouse. Garlic sauce or yogurt-based tzatziki is ideal for such an appetizer.

Mouse cutlets

cutlet for children In the form of mice, you can cook not only sandwiches and snacks for a child, but also a whole lunch! Make cutlets from minced meat or chicken, slightly changing their shape. Add the ears, nose, and tail of vegetables or herbs, as well as a side dish such as mashed potatoes, pasta, or vegetables.

Mice for dessert

candy and cookies in the form of mice Sweet dishes can also be served in a “mouse” form. If you cut fruits beautifully, they will easily turn into a real mouse, but not scary, but very cute!

Figured cookies, cakes and even a dessert in a glass or a cake – experiment and come up with your own ideas, and your efforts will definitely be rewarded by the fact that the baby will definitely ask for more!

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