Mom's monologue: "I breastfed my baby until almost four years old"

Mom's monologue: "I breastfed my baby until almost four years old"

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The story of breastfeeding

First and only child. I want to give my little one the best. Therefore, from the first day after giving birth, I began the diet of a nursing mother. The modest one and a half breast size at that time grew to a very decent four or even five. There was a lot of milk, the child’s appetite is excellent.

So a year has passed. By this time, the daughter was already eating almost adult food, but her diet also included breast milk. Most of the mothers I knew from the playground, where we walked with children of the same age, had already stopped breastfeeding. They rejoiced at the sound sleep of children who drank kefir before going to bed and fell asleep until the morning.

And my night was still divided into feedings: at 21-00, at 01-00, at 04-00. My daughter didn’t even wake up. She characteristically groaned – it was a signal: “Feed me!”.

The second year has passed. Many of our peers have already gone to nursery. We did not aspire to go there, so we continued our normal life … with feedings. The daughter drank breast milk before daytime sleep and in the evening.

The doctor at the children’s clinic praised me for prolonged feeding. But the nurse urged me to quit. In her opinion, the child received everything valuable from mother’s milk in the first year of life. And then it was just a habit .

The story of breastfeeding

I didn’t argue. Everyone has their own truth. Mine was that after feeding the child fell asleep better. I confess that my husband and I somehow tried to change the usual daily routine. He had to put the baby to bed. Instead of the usual 10 minutes, my daughter could not fall asleep for almost 1.5 hours. Of course, the entire daily schedule was disrupted. We did not repeat such experiments.

Prolonged breastfeeding is an important psychological factor. The child understands: his mother is next to him, nothing changes in his life. However, it is important to stop here in time. I admit, I needed the help of a psychologist for this. I was so exhausted from sleepless nights and work (working at home) that I caught myself thinking: I want to scream every time I need to feed my baby.

However, the force of a child’s habit is too great to get rid of it for one, two, three. Looking ahead, I will say that I completely weaned my daughter from breastfeeding at the age of 3.8 years. With the help of a psychologist and in two weeks. We started this process in mid-May and completed in early June. This time of year was chosen for two reasons. First: the child spends more time on a walk, gets physically tired and falls asleep faster. The second reason: on hot days, you can always offer your child water if he asks for the usual milk.

The story of breastfeeding

Yes, by this time the daughter drank milk symbolically. The process itself was important to her. Therefore, weaning was met with resentment. But I always had a cup of water handy. It’s a cup, not a bottle. And this cup was with the character of your favorite book – on the advice of a psychologist.

And I … By the time of weaning, my nervous system was in a state of washcloth. As soon as I heard the usual smacking – my daughter, out of habit, asked for her breasts, her eye immediately began to twitch. Tired + lack of sleep + stress – not the best condition for mom.

Therefore, now, from the height of the past years, I can say: breastfeeding is wonderful. But you need to be able to put an end to the right moment.

History of breastfeeding

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