Moms are more successful in business

Moms are more successful in business

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Experts are sure that, becoming a mother, a woman acquires a lot of business qualities that are useful for doing business. She competently plans things, observes the regime, is not afraid to take responsibility, becomes more collected and disciplined, and raising a baby teaches her to negotiate, moreover, in their most difficult version. In addition, the lion’s share of household chores still remains in the area of attention of a young mother, regardless of whether she works or not. Thus, a woman becomes a multidisciplinary, stress-resistant generalist, for whom starting her own business is not such an overwhelming task. It’s an illusion that pregnancy and childbirth keep her away from work. In fact, it is during this multitasking period that the female brain works more efficiently than ever.

According to social surveys, up to 40% of women raising babies under three years old run their own business in parallel. Of course, these are not always “factories and steamboats”, women often earn money by needlework or homemade dishes, but nonetheless.

Many continue to work remotely while on maternity leave. Mostly in accounting positions, and often in several companies at the same time. In second place in popularity are designers. In their free time from raising a baby, creative mothers develop advertising layouts or other printed products. In third place are mothers-entrepreneurs involved in farming. Vegetables, fruits, as well as domestic eggs, poultry and rabbit meat – such a household helps to replenish the family budget.

20% of new mothers open solid businesses that can be defined as small businesses. Only the lack of start-up capital, which is simply necessary on such a scale, does not allow ladies to be more active in this segment.

By the way, nine out of ten women rate their own undertaking as successful, and therefore often do not return to the place of work where they worked before the decree, but completely immerse themselves in their business and set themselves the goal of taking it to a serious level.