Mommy, relax! Proven relaxation techniques

Mommy, relax! Proven relaxation techniques

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What do every mother want to do from time to time – both during pregnancy and (especially!) After the birth of a baby? Of course, to rest, relax, be in silence for a while, with yourself, achieve a state of peace. Sometimes it seems unrealistic, because the profession of “mother” has no days off and holidays. But mom can not only afford an hour or two of rest per day – she must! Otherwise, you cannot avoid stress, various health problems, which, of course, will interfere with living and enjoying motherhood.


Calmly and without panic

It has long been known that the condition of the mother affects the baby, is transmitted to him. It is very important for a woman to feel harmonious and natural when she communicates with the baby. That is why it is extremely important for everyone to give their body a rest before fatigue sets in, mood and well-being deteriorate. One or two relaxing exercises during the day is an excellent prevention of this condition.

Practice regularly and after a while you will learn how to easily get rid of tension, and this skill will serve you invaluable service more than once.

During pregnancy…

A woman’s body is being rebuilt and experiencing great stress, which affects the health of the nervous system. Increased irritability, sleep disturbance, fatigue – almost all expectant mothers go through this. Relaxation techniques will provide “first aid” in this case and help to cope with bouts of nausea.


During childbirth…

You will be able to calmly and quickly recover between contractions, manage pain, and also accumulate your strength for the second, most difficult, period of childbirth. Experienced obstetricians believe that the ability to relax is the key to harmonious labor activity . Relaxation relieves fears, eliminates tension in the cervix and resistance of the muscles of the birth canal, and this contributes to a faster natural opening, helps the baby more easily overcome his way into the light.

relaxation techniques during childbirth

And later in life…

The ability to manage your emotions and quickly put your nerves in order will help you, and when your son or daughter (or both at once) become older and periodically begin to demonstrate how they can disobey mom and dad.


Relaxation – for you

There are many different relaxation techniques. To understand which one works best for you, you need to rely on your own feelings and practice certain exercises during the week.

Ready to do one of them?


Turn off the lights in the room, draw the curtains – let there be a slight twilight. Remove glasses, contact lenses, empty your bladder. Sit in a comfortable position on a hard bed or on the floor. You can put a pillow under your head and under your knees. The knees are soft, slightly apart, the toes are outward, all the joints are half-bent.

Inhale deeply and exhale three or four times. The muscles are relaxed and calm. Think of your shoulders as being thrown back, your arms as hanging from your shoulders, and your palms as being heavy on the bed. Move your fingers a little – you will feel as if you are falling into bed.

Neck muscles are relaxed. The eyelids gradually close, as if under the force of their own gravity.

Concentrate your attention on separate parts of the body – arms, legs, fingers, stomach, chest… Relax the muscles of the face: forehead, eyelids, cheeks, mouth – feel the facial muscles “hanging” from the cheekbones.

Breathe through your mouth. With each subsequent exhalation, the abdominal wall relaxes more and more. The tension in the pelvic area subsides, as if you are “opening up” below.

Breathing becomes more and more slow and deep. There is a feeling that all parts of the body are completely disabled. There is a feeling of lightness and flight, a little tingling in the hands, warmth spreads through the body.

A pleasant semi-drowsy state sets in, in which you need to stay for about half an hour … Do not try to fall asleep – relaxation without sleep is more effective.

After completing the relaxation, do not make sudden movements, in a hurry to return to everyday chores. Take two or three deep breaths, bend your legs and arms, slowly sit up and stretch…

And here’s another one, known as “deep breathing”

When we are stressed, our body needs more oxygen. You can relieve or reduce tension if you learn to control your breathing. For example, track and field athletes always take deep breaths before going to the start or approaching the mat.

Do the following:

  1. Place your hand on your stomach somewhere at the level of your navel.
  2. Take a deep breath with the bottom of your diaphragm. The arm should rise slightly as the air travels deep into the lungs. You should feel your lungs fill with warm air.
  3. Feel your arm rise along with your abdominal muscles.
  4. Exhale the air not immediately, but gradually and count to five.
  5. Breathe out and smile.

How to find time for relaxation?

It seems that mom does not have free time at all. But if you really want and try, you can find it!


Let’s start in the morning. Get up a little earlier than your baby usually wakes up. Take a shower right away! Close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere far, far away, in the tropical jungle under the silvery jets of a mountain waterfall. Dream up for 10-15 minutes, and no thoughts about colic, complementary foods and a baby potty!

Next, we relax during the day. Few people can afford the luxury of napping with a child: household chores don’t happen by themselves. Take care of them, but with parallel listening to relaxing music (with headphones, if you are afraid to disturb the baby’s sensitive sleep).

Finally, evening relaxation. The child is fast asleep, household chores are done, it’s time to relax! Involve your spouse in a foot massage, treat yourself to some light and tasty dish, read a book, watch a good movie, but not too long to leave time for a full eight hours of sleep.

Faithful Helpers

A few words should also be said about some auxiliary means with which you can relieve stress.

  1. Special audio and video recordings for relaxation . You can purchase such ready-made recordings or choose and record a sound range for yourself (your favorite melodies, sounds of nature, etc.)
  2. Relaxing baths . The water should not be too hot, and the procedure time should not exceed 10-15 minutes. You can use various aromatics, which are now abundant. Of course, use only those means that cause positive emotions.
  3. Massage, communication with nature, a bath, a sauna – all these are also “mother’s helpers” in relieving physical and mental stress.

So, allow yourself the luxury of resting your body and soul every day, taking care of your own nerves. And may your motherhood be harmonious and happy!

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