Model breastfeeding her two-year-old daughter

Model breastfeeding her two-year-old daughter

24.05.2022 0 By admin

36-year-old plus size model Ekaterina Zharkova is an active Instagram user. In her microblog, you can see photos and videos both from the filming and dedicated to her little daughter. The effect of an exploding bomb was produced by a video in which Zharkova breastfeeds a two-year-old baby. “M-i-l-o-t-a,” is how this video is signed. Recall that the girl was born in 2016.

Zharkova is sure that the purpose of a woman is to be a mother.

I’m old-fashioned….I don’t understand photos from parties, if the family has a baby, or a baby…why? To what? How can you leave your child to the nannies and leave ….? For a career? Are you laughing? …. who needs it? I seem to be from another planet. Or aliens landed on our Earth, who now and then impose on us completely wrong and not our standards …. motherhood is the highest point … but now it is a luxury that not everyone wants to strive for … how so? What happened to this internet world?

The breastfeeding video has caused controversy among users. Most of the model’s subscribers supported her, but there were also those who were interested in whether Zharkova would breastfeed her daughter until the age of 10.

Ekaterina Zharkova does not answer questions from haters. She enjoys the time she spends with her daughter and her beloved husband (who, by the way, supports her in her quest to breastfeed).

Breastfeeding has largely grown together thanks to him. He turned out to be the very support that young mothers need so much, – Ekaterina writes in her microblog. Boys, don’t leave your girls.

Until what age do you think babies should be breastfed?

Photo: Instagram