Milota: Amazing Baby Ultrasounds

Milota: Amazing Baby Ultrasounds

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All parents do an ultrasound during pregnancy to find out if everything is okay with the baby. But sometimes you can see completely unexpected things on an ultrasound ! What is it – a distortion effect, the fantasy of impressionable parents, or is it really something special? See our collection of the most amazing photos of babies in the womb!

Like many moms, Kelly Lewis from Wales thought she’d see something beautiful in the ultrasound picture. But as soon as she looked at her child, she saw … an angel looking at her unborn baby.

“It seemed that an angel was bending over my child and looking after him. It was so obvious that many people couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw it.”

Lewis said in an interview with Mirror magazine about an image taken during her pregnancy with daughter Harper in 2012.

unusual ultrasound picture of a child

But a married couple from the United States, Makella and Jared Ahlin , even on an ultrasound, realized that they could safely create their own rock band. The parents of two children, as expected, did another ultrasound while waiting for the third baby and saw … that he would be a real rock star. Just look at his palm! This gesture, which is characteristic of rockers and is called the “goat”, is clearly visible in the photo from the study.

“We always knew that our children are the coolest! Even before they came into this world. But I always guessed it, looking at their father!”

Makella wrote on Facebook, where she shared the picture.

Well it’s official our kids are the coolest even before they enter the world…or they are just really full of themselves, but I already knew that was going to happen just look at their dad🤘🏼. Jared Ahlin

Posted by Makelle Throckmorton Ahlin on Thursday, February 23, 2017

Someone has rocker children, and one couple seems to have a future athlete growing up!

“Our sweet girl is doing stretching. Her older brother does gymnastics, maybe she will follow his example?

– wrote expectant mother Stacey Acosta .

unusual ultrasound images And this ultrasound picture with the title “Peace to all!” (from English peace) was a Christmas present for a happy couple from America.

“My daughter sends us love from the womb, folding her hands in the form of a heart”

– shared mommy Chelsea Butler .

unusual ultrasound images

The baby of another couple decided to tell his parents the good news right during the second ultrasound. They received not only the doctor’s reassurance that the baby was healthy, but also an obvious hand signal with a thumbs up. The kid seemed to want to tell his parents “Everything is fine!”.

unusual ultrasound images of a child

They say that many men dream of sons, but one daddy, apparently, wanted a boy so much that he saw a sports car on his wife’s ultrasound!

“My wife is pregnant with a sports car”

— wrote the father, posting a photo on social networks.

unusual ultrasound images of a child

A funny incident also happened on the ultrasound of the expectant mother Nicole Polizzi . She posted on Instagram a picture where her daughter holds her hand in such a funny way, as if she were painting her lips with lipstick.

“My baby! She is healthy and already wearing lipstick!”

Nicole joked.

Another amazing moment happened to a couple expecting twins. Future parents have noticed that their babies seem to kiss in the womb.

“It was so great to see them like that. I didn’t think they’d be very close, but I was wrong and that’s great!”

said dad-to-be Jill .

This picture surprised even the doctor, who said that he had never seen anything like it:

“I’ve had 15,000 ultrasounds and I’ve never seen twins face to face like they’re kissing”

What do you notice about the ultrasound scans?

Photo: Instagram, Mirror, USA Today