Milla Jovovich sent her daughter on vacation to Europe

Milla Jovovich sent her daughter on vacation to Europe

24.05.2022 0 By admin

42-year-old actress Milla Jovovich told her subscribers that her eldest daughter Ever went to Europe for the summer holidays. The famous mother personally took her to family friends, where the girl will spend time with her friend June.

Previously, the actress and her daughter spent time in Berlin and managed to visit the zoo there.

The actress wrote the sentimental text before heading back home to Los Angeles.

It’s so important to go on a trip just the two of you and have fun together!

After giving the child to her friends, Milla went home, where her youngest daughter Dashiel was waiting for her. And then the actress wrote a touching post:

While my oldest daughter is traveling with family and friends around Europe, I have returned home to spend time with my little one! I can’t even describe the joy of those moments when I spend the morning in bed with my baby.

Well, while mom enjoys the company of her second daughter, 10-year-old Ever managed to visit several cities in Europe in a few days.

After Berlin, Ever visited Paris.

After the capital of France, Milla’s daughter went to the Italian province of Siena (Tuscany region), where she began a carefree summer vacation with a friend.

Oh, it’s good in Tuscany in the summer!

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Photo and video: Instagram