Milk rivers, flower shores: unusual photo shoots for babies

Milk rivers, flower shores: unusual photo shoots for babies

24.05.2022 0 By admin

There are never too many beautiful photos! Therefore, many young mothers who participated in “milk photo shoots” again become their heroines. But not alone, but together with their kids. Photographers also offer individual photo shoots for children.

We’ll tell you what preparation for creating beautiful photos looks like. First, prepare a bath or other container, filling it with ordinary warm water. Then a model comes in – a baby (or a mother with a baby). Milk or cream is gradually added to the water. They should be very low fat – so that the water is no longer transparent, but also not white.

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Final touches: fresh flowers and leaves are laid out on the surface of the water, decorated with fresh fruits.

It is interesting that children during “milk photo shoots” are not capricious. They fall asleep, drink breast milk, then fall asleep again, wake up, look at beautiful flowers … See for yourself!

Oh, it looks like I’m going to sleep now

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Mom says I’m her flower

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and I’m daddy’s strawberry!

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Take pictures of me! I smile beautifully now

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and I smile beautifully

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Aunt photographer, can I lick this orange?

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It’s good that they didn’t forget to put on a bandage with a flower!

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Why am I not in the bathroom? Why am I sitting in this pot?

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Hold me gently and please don’t wet my hair!

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That’s how beautiful my mother is!

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Mom, they are actually guessing on a camomile! ..

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We sleep so sweetly here!

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You have a photo shoot, and I have lunch!

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Mommy, I’ll hug you like this…

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Would you like a “milk photo shoot” for your baby?

Announcement photo: Instagram @photography_erica_jane