Mila and Ashton: stellar immediacy

Mila and Ashton: stellar immediacy

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are famous for their sparkling marital relationship, and there is nothing to say about the love for two kids – three-year-old daughter Wyatt and chubby and curly-haired son Dmitry, one and a half years old.

Most recently, the paparazzi found the whole family on the lawn in a park in Beverly Hills. Beauty Mila without makeup, in stretched “pants” and a T-shirt frolic with her daughter, dressed in a light striped sundress. And the male half embodied the typical American father and son in sneakers, jeans and baseball caps. Not embarrassed by the presence of photographers, the parents had fun with might and main. Kutcher climbed with his daughter on a plastic slide for children, and then taught the baby to play mini-golf, popular in their country.

Photos of children – although not frequent “guests”, but still appear on mom’s Instagram among numerous selfies and photos of Mila in luxurious outfits and evening make-up. The actress rarely signs pictures, so one can only guess under what circumstances they could have been taken. For example, on one of them the whole family – a mother with her son on her knees, and a father and daughter – are sitting on the stadium podium, and adults are animatedly discussing the moment of the game. At the same time, kids are clearly bored, chewing their own fingers and a soft toy. What kind of game, the fans did not know.

But the whole world now knows that baby Wyatt loves yogurt very much – thanks to the picture in which she finishes the leftovers from a huge glass over the rim. Apparently, the picture amused Mila Kunis, because she told subscribers about her daughter’s love for yogurt. She also wrote that she herself endlessly loves her princess – such is the hashtag for the picture where Wyatt, sitting in her father’s arms, kisses her mother.