Mia, Elvis, Arianna: unusual names of star children

Mia, Elvis, Arianna: unusual names of star children

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How to name a child? This question occupies all future parents. Some choose familiar names, others – unusual ones. Let’s look at the birth certificates of children of Russian stars.


Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin are raising a son and a daughter. The name of the four-year-old baby Harry seemed unusual to us. It is derived from the old French name Henry (Heinrich). However, now the names of Harry and Henry are independent.

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Theona (Thea)

The daughter of TV presenter Ksenia Borodina is named Teya. Depending on the stress, it has two meanings: if placed on the first – “goddess”, on the second – “feast for the eyes”.

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The name Mia turned out to be popular among the stars. So three star mothers named their daughters at once: Polina Gagarina, Agatha Muceniece and Rita Dakota . Many Internet users remember how Rita Dakota and Agata Muceniece publicly discussed this issue. Recall that Muceniece wanted to name her daughter a rare name and was a little upset that other daughters of the stars now wear it.

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Polina Gagarina did not participate in the discussion. By the way, before the birth of her daughter, the singer considered other names. And she opted for Mia thanks to symbolic signs – MIA was written on the children’s envelope for the statement, and then a friend of Polina Gagarina sent her a photo of a bottle of water with the name Mia.

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The name Mia was also given to the granddaughter of Marina Zudina . The appearance of the first child with Pavel Tabakov became known recently.


Actress Ekaterina Vilkova gave her daughter the name Pavel. The girl in the family is affectionately called Pavlusha. It is symbolic that Pavla means “little”, “baby”. Note that Pavla was the name of the heroine played by Vilkova in the TV series “Palm Sunday”.

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TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova chose the royal name for her son – Solomon. The meaning of the name is “peaceful”. Relatives call the boy Solik.

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Musician Sergei Zhukov chose the name Angel for his son (“herald”, “angel”, “herald of joy”).

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Amelie and Alice

Showman Alexander Revva brings up daughters Amelie and Alice. Amelie is derived from the ancient Germanic name, which translates as “work”, “labor”. “Truth” is the meaning of the name Alice. In his microblog, Revva shared with subscribers that he named his daughter Amelie in honor of the heroine of the film with Audrey Tautou – he wanted his girl to be just as sympathetic and cheerful.

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Singer Keti Topuria named her daughter Olivia, which translates from Latin as “olive tree”, which has been considered a symbol of peace since ancient times.

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Octavia, Severina, August

Outrageous director Valeria Gaius Germanicus is a fan of Roman names. Therefore, she added to her name given at birth, the second – Guy. And for her daughters she chose unusual names of Roman origin. The eldest daughter is Octavia, which means “eighth”. The youngest daughter’s name is Severina. The name comes from the male Roman name Severin, which, in turn, is from the word “severus”, which means “strict”.

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In 2019, Germanika again became a mother – she named her only son August, which means “majestic”, “sacred” in Latin.

Muse, Iris

TV presenter Olga Shelest creatively approached the choice of names for her daughters. Therefore, the Muse (meaning “thinking”) and Iris (“rainbow”, “iris”, “messenger of the gods”) grow in the family.

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Iris is also the name of the daughter of the ex-soloist of the Hi-Fi group Tatyana Tereshina .


Anna Khilkevich chose the name Arianna (“sacred”, “devoted”, “holy”). The actress explained it by the fact that the beautiful name is made up of the names of Arthur-Anna. Recall that the girl’s father is a businessman Artur Volkov .

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Charming actress Ekaterina Klimova named her daughter Bella with a symbolic meaning – “beautiful, beautiful.” And consonant with the name of the baby’s father – Gela Meskhi .

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Sami, Elvis

The business lady and ex-wife of rapper Guf , Aiza Anokhin , chose the original names for her sons – Sami and Elvis. The meaning of the first is “great”, and the youngest son is named after Elvis Presley, whose fan of creativity is Anokhina.

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Angelina, Letitia

TV presenter Victoria Bonya chose a double name for her daughter – Angelina-Letizia. Their meanings are “God’s messenger” and “joy”.

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Model Natalya Vodianova chose a name for her daughter that immediately suggests St. Petersburg. The girl’s name is Neva (“snowy”), but the emphasis is on the first syllable.

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Safina, Mikaela, Raphael

The singer and mother of many children Alsou called all the children beautiful unusual names: daughters – Safina and Mikaela, son – Rafael. Note that the name of the older girl is the surname of her mother, with the difference that the emphasis is on the second syllable.

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What is your child’s name?

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