Mi-mi-mi: 12 cartoons for the little ones

Mi-mi-mi: 12 cartoons for the little ones

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Even strict mothers allow their children to watch cartoons. After all, the main thing is that the animation is correct: informative, colorful and fun. See our selection and choose which cartoon your baby will watch today.

Cartoon “Tiny Love”

Production: Israel

The main characters of “Tiny Love” – calf, puppy and their friends. In a fun interactive way, this educational cartoon helps the baby to learn the names of colors, objects, get acquainted with the score, say hello, say goodbye. And the cartoon uses beautiful music.

Cartoon “Three Cats”

Production: Russia

Kittens Korzhik, Kompot and Caramel learn something new in each new series. And mom and dad come to the rescue. The cartoon “Three Cats” is watched by small viewers in other countries. In the English version, it comes out under the name “Kid-E-Сats”, and the main characters are Cookie, Candy and Pudding.

Cartoon “Truck Lev”

Production: Russia

Meet the four-wheeled baby – this is Lev’s truck. He is very inquisitive, so in each episode Leva comes to the playground, where a new game awaits him. A cartoon about a truck teaches young viewers to distinguish colors and shapes, helps to master drawing and geometry, learn the names of air transport and special equipment. This educational cartoon about a car is liked not only by boys, but by girls – because it is fun and interesting.

Cartoon “Baby and Frog”

Production: Russia

This cartoon with a cheerful song is an assistant in the early development of your baby. It has simple onomatopoeic words: top-top, clap-clap, drip-drip, bye …

Educational cartoon “Bibika”

Production: Russia

And another cartoon about a typewriter. Bibika is a small red car whose every journey turns into getting to know animals, counting, learning the names of flowers, fruits, vegetables and much more. Go on a journey with Bibika!

Cartoon for girls “Clothing Machines”

Production: Russia

If you are compiling a selection of cartoons for a girl, pay attention to “Clothing Machines”. The heroines are three girls who always face a choice: what to wear? Can you help them with your daughter?

Cartoon Poly Robocar

Production: South Korea

Kids love this story about transforming cars that turn into rescuers and help their friends. Events take place in a city where only robot cars live. Each story teaches how important it is to be attentive, responsive and help friends.

Peppa Pig cartoon

Production: UK

Children really like the cartoon about Peppa Pig, although some parents are skeptical about it. Adults criticize the graphics and the names of the characters in the animated series. But the kids do not pay attention to this, they just watch the cartoon and see in it those situations that exist in children’s lives. For example, about how Peppa wants to jump in puddles or go on a picnic. By the way, Prince George watched this cartoon with pleasure.

Cartoon “Luntik”

Production: Russia

A good cartoon about a fairy-tale hero who was born on the moon and then flew to our planet. Luntik is a cartoon encyclopedia that tells kids about friendship, respect for elders, good manners. Each cartoon is able to teach the baby to be kind and useful.

Cartoon “Masha and the Bear”

Production: Russia

Masha is a small, but very active and cheerful prankster. And although many mothers fear that children will repeat her pranks, there is a lot of good in cartoons. For example, about how Masha helps her friend Bear. The cartoon “Masha and the Bear” is also watched by children in other countries, where it has gained great popularity.

Cartoon “Be-be-bears”

Production: Russia

Chanterelle, cubs Kesha and Cloud, chicken Tsypa are best friends who always come up with different stories. The cartoon “Be-be-bears” is very funny, so parents also enjoy watching it.

Cartoon Fun Carousel

Production: USSR, Russia

This is a whole collection of cartoons for the little ones, which have been watched by more than one generation of kids! Each series of “Merry Carousel” consists of short cartoons based on fairy tales, poems and songs.

What cartoons does your child watch?

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