Meghan Markle's father: 'Daughter wanted children for a long time'

Meghan Markle's father: 'Daughter wanted children for a long time'

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Meghan Markle and her father

The father of the Duchess of Sussex , Thomas Markle , gave a long interview to one of the TV channels, where he said that he was not present at his daughter’s wedding due to health problems. Initially, he planned to come, but the doctors recommended that he remain under observation after a heart attack.

Two days before the wedding, Megan officially announced that her father would still not be able to come to the ceremony.

For me, it was a very emotional moment, I cried because of this, – admitted Thomas. “I wanted to take my daughter to the altar. I really wanted to be with her at that moment. But I’m grateful for how it went. I was very proud. I’m so sorry it wasn’t me, but the whole world was watching my daughter that day. And I was very happy

During the interview, Thomas also spoke about his initial reaction to when he first found out that Meghan was dating the prince:

Of course, it was “wow”, it could not be otherwise, but this is my daughter, and she certainly became a great gift for Harry. He’s a wonderful, interesting guy, a prince, but my daughter has been a princess since the day she was born.

Thomas said that his daughter very gradually and carefully introduced him to her new relationship:

The first phone call was: “Dad, I have a new boyfriend.”

And I said, “That’s good.”

The second call was: “He’s English.” And I said, “That’s great.”

And finally, for the third time, she said, “He is a prince. This is Harry.”

And I said, “Oh, Harry, good!”

And she said, “Of course we’ll have to call him G. so no one knows we’re talking about Harry. This is G.”

Meghan’s father continued: “And then we talked to her about it, and then to him. A very pleasant person. Gentleman. Very cute.”

The prince and his father-in-law have yet to meet face to face. Recalling their first phone call, Thomas said in an interview, “He said ‘Hi Thomas!’ and I said, “Hi, Harry!”. We chatted a bit, mostly about politics. After we talked a bit about how he and Meghan met and how happy they are with each other, it was enough for the first conversation.”

The proud father noted that the prince seemed very pleasant to him in communication: “He is very easy to communicate with. I wasn’t nervous at all.”

Thomas Markle also commented on his daughter’s new status: “I don’t think I’ll call her ‘Duchess’ because she’s my daughter.”

They say that for every father, the most important thing is that his daughter is happy. Now, for sure, Thomas Markle can not worry about his “baby”: “When she met Harry, she talked about how much she loves him. Megan has wanted children for a long time, so they will have a baby soon . I do not think that the stork is already flying towards them, but I believe that sooner or later it will happen.

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