Master class: how to sew felt toys for a mobile

Master class: how to sew felt toys for a mobile

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When the baby falls asleep or wakes up in his crib, he sees mobile toys above him. Bright, different shapes and sizes, they attract children’s attention. Therefore, caring mothers choose mobiles very carefully.

Of course, you can buy a mobile, but one made by a loving mother is much better! Earlier we already talked about how to sew bumpers in a crib . And today we propose to continue the “toy production”.

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You will need:

  • patterns
  • felt in different colors
  • holofiber or sintepukh (material for filling toys)
  • fabric markers
  • needle
  • scissors
  • threads
  • glue gun
  • hoop with a diameter of 18 cm
  • clothesline

Pattern building:

You can make a mobile using simple shapes like stars, hearts or clouds. These are:


Or make the toys more difficult, for example, presented below. To open the pattern, just click on the picture you like.


However, you can develop your own pattern. To do this, you need to choose the picture you like, and then follow this video instruction:


  1. Print (draw) and cut out full-size patterns for future toys. Using pins, fasten them to sheets of felt of the appropriate shades. Expand the details.
  2. Sew all the details by hand. Use buttonhole stitch. If the details are small – eyes or beak (nose), use a glue gun.
  3. When sewing parts, do not forget to leave a small area for filling toys with holofiber or any other filler.
  4. Stuff the filler very tightly so that the toy is elastic and without creases. If you can’t distribute the holofiber with your fingers, use a pencil.
  5. After that, sew to the end and secure the thread, hiding it under the seam.
  6. When the toys are ready, sew the straps to them.
  7. Take hold of the mobile ring. Decorate a wooden or plastic hoop with a clothesline. To keep it in place, secure it with a glue gun. Wind the rope as tightly as possible.
  8. Distribute toys and tie them.

The average time of work on the mobile and toys is 7 hours.

Note: You can purchase a mobile holder at a children’s store and attach your artwork to it.

Use these ideas for inspiration

balloons with clouds

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…clouds and whales

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a unicorn, a pony and a sleeping bear

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…with a bear and a pony

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…as well as a fox and a lion cub

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… with a hedgehog

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And what toys decorate your child’s mobile?

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