Master class: a book-box for memorable photos and little things for a baby

Master class: a book-box for memorable photos and little things for a baby

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Do you keep memorabilia from your pregnancy and first year of your baby? These are the first ultrasound images, a tag from the hospital, photos of tiny hands and heels, the first family photo … Such memories are priceless. Creative moms have come up with an interesting way to collect all the memories in one place.

For example, in a photo book, as model Anastasia Kostenko did.

Photos are the value of memories that you not only keep in your head, but also try to somehow capture so that you can look, remember and smile) Now everyone uploads photos to Instagram and almost no one prints them on paper. Do you remember how great it was to take old albums, open them and spend hours looking at yourself and your loved ones at them? – the mother of tiny Milana shared with her subscribers.

We offer you to make your own book-box of memories. And to make the creation process easier, you can use useful recommendations.

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Choose the shape of the book box

Mom’s book-box can be either rectangular…

© Instagram @kris_art_studio

…and fantasy form. For example, in the form of a children’s bodysuit …

© Instagram @scraptop

…of the castle…

…mini case

© Instagram @katosha_studio

Make a cover

The cover of the book is free for your imagination. You can immediately find out from the book whether the mother has a daughter or a son.

For example, this is what a boy’s album might look like…

© Instagram @_helen_made_

… and so – girls

To decorate the cover, use ribbons, sequins, beads, fabric flowers and wooden figurines created from ceramic clay and names carved from thin plywood, lace … Everything that your imagination is rich and skillful hands are capable of. Materials can be purchased at craft stores.

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We found different types of covers. Look!


© Instagram @ekaterina_handmaddde

With feathers and flowers

© Instagram

With ribbons and bows

© Instagram @sanae.sunaga
© Instagram @sanae.sunaga

With a chrysalis

With funny figurines

© Instagram @vojtchuk_kseniya

With voluminous flowers

© Instagram @your.juliet
© Instagram @kaktys_na_dache

with beads

© Instagram @marionascrap

with frames

© Instagram @artmagscrapbook

Page guide

Each page of the book-box is a certain stage of the period of your pregnancy, childbirth and growing up of the crumbs:

  • first ultrasound pictures ;
  • an insert for an ultrasound disc, where you can hear how the baby’s heart beats;
  • page “I was born / was born”, where you indicate the date and time of birth of the crumbs, height and weight. Here you can also attach a tag from the hospital and the first photo;
  • “my first curl.” Moms usually keep it very carefully;
  • “my first toy”;
  • “my first booties”;
  • “my first smile”;
  • “my first agu” – you will have time to record it on video?!
  • “my first tooth “.
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…Create pages with the first successes of the child: he learned to hold his head, roll over, sit, stand, walk. During the first year of your baby’s life, every day will be a source for replenishment of the mother’s book.

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Do you like the idea of making your own mother’s book box?

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