Maria Pogrebnyak and her family swam with dolphins

Maria Pogrebnyak and her family swam with dolphins

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Pavel Pogrebnyak, Maria Pogrebnyak

The whole family of the famous football player Pavel Pogrebnyak is now on vacation. Pavel’s wife, a successful businesswoman and mother of his three sons, shared with her army of fans on Instagram photos from a water park in Dubai, where the family spends their holidays during the World Cup .

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Maria writes that she always dreamed of swimming with dolphins, and her dream finally came true. No less joy was received by the children, and the wife’s husband, who, contrary to his usual, smiles in the photographs (scroll through the photo).

However, fans did not share the enthusiasm of the Pogrebnyak family and expressed their dissatisfaction in the comments that the girl encourages cruelty to animals, since dolphins are kept in captivity. Such remarks did not embarrass the star, because she was used to constant criticism in her address.

The most popular subject of discussion is, according to subscribers, Mary’s excessive thinness, despite the assurances of the girl herself that she is very comfortable in her current body.

Recall that the Pogrebnyak spouses began dating back in high school, got married when Mary was 18 years old and achieved everything together, about which the girl wrote more than once on her blog.

Pavel and Maria are raising three sons who, despite their young age, have already become a support for their cheerful mother. In the video, the boys help Maria perform a trick in the pool.

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Photo: Instagram