Maria Kozhevnikova told how she named her third son

Maria Kozhevnikova told how she named her third son

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Maria Kozhevnikova named her youngest son

In July last year, Maria became a mother for the third time, but she carefully guarded the baby carefully from public attention: she did not show his face and did not reveal his name.

“Meet Vasily Vasilyev,” this is how the popular actress Maria Kozhevnikova finally introduced her youngest child, who is one year old today, to fans. Until that time, the name of the boy was kept secret, and the star still prefers not to show the face of the baby.

Recall that Maria is a mother of many children, she and her husband Yevgeny Vasiliev are also raising two older sons: Ivan (4) and Maxim (3).

Maria signed a series of tender photos with a baby with no less touching words:

“It is a universal happiness to be your mother, and I apparently did something good in this life that the Lord sent me such a gift! My love, my king, that is how your name is translated! I love you endlessly and will pray to God for you! Live, rejoice, comprehend, achieve, and we, your whole big family are always there!”

And two weeks ago, in the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Peredelkino, the sacrament of the baptism of little Vasily took place.

The grandmother of the birthday man, Margarita Valentinovna Kozhevnikova , also congratulated her grandson in her microblog:

Happy birthday, our Vasilek! Happy First Year! And he flew by so fast! You took your throne at the center of the whole family with such radiant wisdom and speed that even your older brothers immediately recognized your position as a small family king without jealousy and disputes. Let this be a great advance in your life, and you will learn to love everyone in the same way, to give goodness, happiness and care to everyone you meet on your life path. In the meantime, just be healthy and enjoy a happy and carefree childhood. Thank you God for this miracle!

Happy birthday to Vasily and his amazing mom and wish them to please each other as often as possible!

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