Maria Kozhevnikova showed her youngest son

Maria Kozhevnikova showed her youngest son

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Maria Kozhevnikova with her son

The other day, Maria Kozhevnikova in her microblog pleased subscribers with a photo from a vacation in the Moscow region, where she swims with her 11-month-old son in the pool. The star captioned the post:

Born by water signs: Cancer and Scorpio) Capricorn and Aquarius are still swimming somewhere nearby 😉 Scorpio loves everyone❤️

The kid is carefully hidden from the sun, and next to him are two older brothers, the weather Ivan (4) and Maxim (3).

Despite the fact that older children do not belong to the water signs of the zodiac, unlike their mother-scorpio and younger brother-cancer, they feel no less confident in the water.

Recall that a few days earlier, the sacrament of baptism of the youngest son of Kozhevnikova took place in the village of Peredelkino near Moscow, which was attended by relatives and close friends of the family. Scroll through the photo!

The event turned out to be incredibly bright and light, even the decoration corresponded to the whole atmosphere: Maria chose wild flowers as a decoration, the simplicity of which only emphasized the trepidation of an important moment.

The name of the youngest child is still kept secret, although the star promised her subscribers to reveal the secret after baptism and hinted that the boy was named according to the calendar, like his brothers. Fans suggested that Maria could name her son Vasily.

Photo: Instagram