Magical Photoshoot: Future Moms Disney Princesses

Magical Photoshoot: Future Moms Disney Princesses

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Pregnant women love to participate in interesting and creative photography projects. That is why this shooting turned out to be very unusual and magical, in which ordinary women in an “interesting position” acted as fabulous princesses.

Jasmine ( m / f “Aladdin”)

One day, a couple of photographers, Vic and Marie , decided to realize their long-standing idea: “We are big fans of the classic stories and Disney films that we ourselves grew up with. That is why this project was very dear to us.”

Belle (m / f “Beauty and the Beast”)

Marie invited several pregnant women and went to one of the attractions of Texas – Newman Castle, where Disney magic was created.

Snow White (m / f “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”)

We hope that moms-to-be who see footage of princess moms will definitely want to hire a photographer to take beautiful pregnancy photos!

Cinderella (m / f “Cinderella”)

“It’s such a sweet and beautiful moment in your life that not many people get to experience, but it’s a moment to celebrate!” Marie advised.

Tiana (m / f ” The Princess and the Frog “)

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All photos © Vic and Marie Photography