Madonna took her children to Africa

Madonna took her children to Africa

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Madonna , having ceased to be actively engaged in creativity, began to devote more time to charity. The singer in 2006 founded the organization Raising Malawi , which is engaged in helping the African state of Malawi. Assistance is mainly distributed to education and health care.

During this time, with the help of the organization, 10 new schools were built in the country, and in July 2017, the country’s first pediatric clinic, Mercy James Pediatric Hospital , was built.

By the way, 4 adopted children of Madonna are also from Malawi. Therefore, the singer has a special relationship with this country.

Photo: instagram/raisingmalawi

For the first anniversary of the hospital, Madonna arrived in the company of all her children: biological – Lourdes (21) and Rocco (will be 18 in August), as well as adoptive – David (12), Mercy (12) and 5-year-old twins Stella and Esther .

Photo: instagram/madonna

While Madonna checked on how things were going in the clinic, her older biological children walked the streets of the city.

And here is a short video about the arrival of Madonna at the clinic:

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Photo and video: Instagram