Madonna introduced children to Michael Jackson

Madonna introduced children to Michael Jackson

24.05.2022 0 By admin

One of the most influential female musicians in history has become less creative in recent years, devoting time to her children. The 59-year-old pop singer Madonna has 6 children: two biological, and the rest are adopted.

Lourdes and Rocky , whom the singer gave birth to from different lovers, are already quite old and rarely appear on the blog of the famous mother. But the singer’s fans regularly watch her younger foster children. Madonna spends all her free time with them.

The other day, Madonna introduced 5-year-old twins Stella and Esther to the work of the most successful performer in the history of pop music – Michael Jackson . The singer turned on the performance of the artist at one of his concerts for the girls. They immediately began to dance:

In general, the twins grow up very musical and, at every opportunity, they begin to rock to the songs.

In car:

In the kitchen:

But sometimes they get tired…

Do your kids love to dance?

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Photo and video: Instagram