Lose weight on vacation: 8 simple exercises in the water

Lose weight on vacation: 8 simple exercises in the water

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Lose weight on vacation

In order not to be excruciatingly painful for the kilograms accumulated on vacation, we are ready to share the “golden collection” of simple exercises for all occasions of summer life. Inna Malikova has already conveyed her physical education greetings from the Montenegrin coast. And today we have a fun workout… in the water!

No, we are not talking about traditional water aerobics. There are exercises that are incredibly simple and very effective because they affect all muscle groups. And, what is most remarkable, it is much easier to do such exercises in water: you do not feel your weight and get less tired from it.

Simple exercises in the water

Watch the video (swipe!), go to the pool or the beach and work on your figure. Although we already know: our readers are the most beautiful mothers!

  1. Fold your arms at chest level and spread them apart. You can also dance around with it.
  2. Lean slightly, back should be straight. Bend your elbows and work them back and forth. Attach head turns.
  3. Raise one leg at the knee as high as possible. Perform body turns so that your left hand reaches your right raised leg. And vice versa.
  4. Stand with your back to the side of the pool, lean on your palms and do pull-ups.
  5. Extend your arms to the sides and bend at the elbows. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Swing like a scale.
  6. Lie down with your chest on the side of the pool and start working with your legs. The more spray you raise, the more effective the exercise.
  7. Lean on the steps. Bend your leg at the knee and perform swings: bent knee – extended leg.
  8. Lean your hands on the side and twist the “bike” with your legs. And again, your task is to raise more spray.

Do you usually lose weight or gain weight on vacation?

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